How To

How to Install?

  • Download the Microsoft Access Runtimes and required version of CHIPS from and Invoice Printing System
  • First install the Access Runtimes by double clicking on its setup file and tickmarking Acept license and then clicking on Next button till finish stage.
  • Secondly double click on the CHIPS setup file to install the application by clicking on Next button till finish stage.

How to use CHIPS?

  • After installation is complete double click on the CHIPS icon on your desktop or click Start->Programs->CHIPS shortcut to start the application.
  • Login with Username as admin and password as admin. This is the default password set which you can change later. You will also get a message displaying that you are using an evaluation version of CHIPS. Press OK to continue and you will be successfully logged into application.
  • You can straight away start using CHIPS application and later on purchase it after your evaluation is complete. It is recommended to first update all master data and them move on to creating day to day records. Follow the sequence as under
    1. Organization (After creating just restart the application once)
    2. Preferences
    3. Financial Period
    4. All other master data
    5. Then proceed with Records module data entry

How to Register CHIPS?
CHIPS licenses are issued per system wise depending on the version(LITE/PRO) you are purchasing. Under Administration section, click on License Info feature. There you will have to specify License Owner Name and generate a License request file.

Email the license request file at along with your payment. You can make online payment or send a Cheque or DD drawn in favor of Atul Chawathe.

Once the payment is cleared, License file will be emailed back to you which you can import it into CHIPS software under Administration section and clicking on License Info feature.

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